Friday, June 30, 2006

Home Theatre Blog

I've decided to make some change to my Blog. Posting about my life isn't really fun or intresting. So from now one this Blog will be dedicated to the construction of my Home Theater in my new house.

This is the current conditions of the the basement. The room is 19 x 12.8 feet with 2 big door openings that leads to the same room.

The pictures were taken when the previous owners were still living there. So nothing of this equipment willbe mine.

My Equipment right now is

  • Yamaha RX-V1500 Receiver
  • Simaudio PW4000 Stereo Amplifier
  • Arcam Alpha 7 CD player
  • Sony DVP-S330 DVD player
  • Paradigm 7 Se Mk3 speakers
  • Paradigm CC-370 Centre
  • Paradigm Atom Rear surrounds
  • D-Box Illiad Subwoofer
  • Sony Trinitron 32 inch TV

I'm also shopping for a Projector. My choices right now are the H31 or the H27 from Optoma but I have to inquire a little more because of the throw angle that bothers me. I will also change DVD player for a more recent with HDMI for a better connection with the Projector. The projector will only be used to watch Movies and sports once in a while. I will use a pull down screen 92 inch Panaview that will pull down right in front of the TV and that will be hidden in a ceiling beam.

These are the first rendering of the Basement that I did. Many things will probably change when I see the basement empty.

Tomorrow is moving day. So more updates to come in the next weeks.


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