Monday, July 31, 2006

Drywall and Sound Proofing

Today was Drywall time.. my dad came and help. He did an amazing job.

I did all of the framing, so all that was needed to do was to rent a truck at home depot and go get some drywall and other stuff. 21$ for 1.5 hour. Not too bad.

So we got 5 sheets of 5/8 drywall. Installation went well a few adjustment here and there. On one side of the room we decided to take the old drywall off all the way up to the ceileing. We should probably have done the same thing on the other side but it was done.

So things are moving pretty well. I will be doing more mudding tomorrow and the day after.. and hopefully priming everything this weekend with the paint.

Next step will be isulation behing the stairs there is a lot of open space there and the walls are very easy to fill with the quiet zone.

Passed the surround wirering in the wall . It will be install with a speaker mouting plate.


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