Saturday, July 29, 2006

Home theater framing

It's been a little time since I've updated this blog. But things are well on the way in the new house. So now it's time to attack the basement.

I've made change of plans, due to space I will not build a bar.. no worries, I will have a pub table and a nice little alchool cabinet. They will be right behind the couch so basically more places for people to view TV.

I've also come across some not so great surprises both drain in the concrete were not really installed properly so I had 2 big bumps in the concrete. This week I will sand the bumps and make everything equal again. I need to finish breaking all what they used to make it even thus preventing water to go into the drain if there is flooding.

So now that the basement if empty I did the layout of everything.. couch, sourround speakers, front stage ... I used maskin tape, that way it's easy to move

Next was construction of the front stage. I raised the front stage on 2 x 4. One of the reason for this is abviousely style and the other is to prevent the equipment from getting wet in case of flooding. The top will be finish in wood stained very dark. The inside will be filled with
QuietZone® Acoustical Batts to help.


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