Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More A/V rack

I'm almost done with the AV rack, no more wood to cut. Only putting the shelves up and fixing the doors. Then it's varnish time and the AV rack is done. WOOHOO

One more coat tonight before I go to be on the Floor, it's starting to look good.

I picked up my sub (D-box Iliad S1) that I bought last winter. It was at my parents since we only got the new house in july. I forgot how beffy that thing was. The reviews are good and the pice was more than amazing 800$ retail price and I only paid 300$ straight from the company since they stoped producing them to only do Motion simulators.

More to come !

Monday, August 28, 2006

A/V rack and front stage

Today after wook did a few hours of work. The A/V rack is coming along very nicely. Only a few shelves to do and then more staining and varnishing. This thing is going to be a Monster.

I had a nice suprise on the way back, I received my coax digital cable from blue jeans cable. Super fast service super fast shipping and amazing prices. www.bluejeanscables.com

Had to change plans on the stage a little, the veener isn't really sticking well to the side of the stage and it's not looking so good. To say the truth it looks like crap and I'm not about to let something like this ruined a nice teather. So I will use instead the same boards I used for the walls it fits right in this gap and will look much nicer.

The front stage is near completed, it will take at least 5 coats of varnish, I want to make it as strong as possible. Hopefully I don't fall asleep and I can manage another coat tonight, one tomorrow morining and one after work. Then I will see.

Sept 15th still stands as the official opening of the teather.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

200 wood pannels later

A few days without posting, I wanted to finish the wood panneling. So this is done. We did the 1st coach of varnish saturday and will do the 2nd coat sunday morning. I also installed friday night the 2 rear speakers.

I also started to build the AV rack. It's a big monster but I have to make sure it will hold the Big TV. So far looking good.

My objective is being all done for sept 15th.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I can see the end !

I not really close from being done but it's starting to look the way it should and I'm really happy. Even if I'm back to work I managed to do a few hours of work in the basement after work. I think by the end of the weekend all the panneling should be done.

I'm probably 65% done on the wall, just more staining to do tomorrow after work and I'll continue the installation.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Walls Coming together

It's starting to be really good, the wall are starting to look like what they should and it looks very good. I'm really happy about everything so far. Staining the wall board is a pain in the ass.. so many of them. But it's all good.

I also received today the missing link to my subwoofer the monster audio splitter and I had to change my Stereo cables because they were too short to work with the stage and the A/V rack I wanted to build. I looked in changing my rack plans but it didn't look as good. So I spend a few $$$ . Cardas http://www.cardas.com/content.php?area=products&content_id=2&pagestring=Speaker&product_id=17

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Today was a slower day, sunday I didn't do much work. Passed all the wires in the stage and put the wood over the stage... I also completed the plans for the A/V rack had to change some placement because of front speakers wires being a little short. So the Receiver will go in the middle Tomorrow I will finish it up with some varnish and screwing everything into place.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Stone from Staining

Today was a staining day. I think I'm still stone 6 hours after. I sanded so much and stained so much but the results looks very promising.

This is the 1 coat on all the moldings and on the stage floor.

Door 2nd coat

I also received a few toys today.. 1st was the post office delivering 2 Monster Video 3 Component Video Cables. They sell for 159.99$ each here at Future shop and I got 2 of them for 50$ on ebay.

My girlfriend also picked up for me my HDTV digital video box that the store received www.fillion.qc.ca . Even if I don't have an HDTV right now I needed a digital cable box so might as well get one for the future. Pace 551hd

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Did you say Puzzle

I'm done with all the moldings.. I didn't move as fast as I wanted to but looks like I'm a slow worker anyways. I do things well but I don't work super fast.

Today I made sure every single pieces of wood were labeled before sanding tomorrow. Good thing for that master plan. Lots of it. After sanding I will try to do some staining depending on the weather. I try to do as much as possible outside the house to prevent dust.

Next in line today was installing the door. Nothing too complicated but 4 hands would have worked much better. Had to cut to door a little more than suggested by the manufacturer to make it fit. That low ceiling in the other room doesn't help. But it came out very good and straight. I must have measured it 25 times before cutting it. It's not a 3.50$ piece of wood.

I just finish staining it (1st coat) and it's looking pretty good.

Last coat of stain on the Beam... next is varnish for them.

So another dusty day tomorrow with sanding and then the long process begins of staining.. more waiting to dry than anything.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

2 hands is not enough

Altough I made some really nice progress, the fact that I am working alone is taking a lot of time. I need to be ingenious on who to make things hold together and still have my 2 hands to measure and level. But things are done the way I want. I'm also spending quite a bit of time in going up stairs back outisde to cut and then back downstairs... it's a good leg workout.. at leats 40 + times in a day.

First this is the master plan, even if it's blury without this I am doomed.... every pieces is label and goes somewhere and this tells me where.

I placed everything but didn't nail or glue since I need to stain but over all the progress is amazing here's a few shots of the wood work that I did.

I also cut the front stage it looks very nice I'm quite happy. Tomorrow I will be passing the wires under it and drilling the top to pass them. Then sanding and staining.

This is the 2nd coat of stain on the "support beam" they are becoming darker and darker which is what I want.

Tomorrow is sanding and putting up the door frame then more staining to come. In the next 5-7 days I will be staining every day. Not a hard process or time consuming but pain in the ass to wait 24 hours so it dries.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wood party has begun

After a few trips at Rona and Home Depot (I know but they have better wood selection) I bought all I needed and started cutting today and fitting. It's going to be a very long process making everything fit very nicely.

Also to get the Wood to a Dark color like I want I will need multiple coating of stain.. with 24 hours between applications. I expect to do 3 coats. At this point in time I will make sure everything is right and not to try to cut corners.

More cutting and sanding in store for tomorrow. Sounds like fun !

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Today was time for the first coat of paint... I'm really happy with the color specially after I didn't really like the first one it was too yellowish . When you go the the paint store take some time and look outside at the samples because neon light doesn't really show the real color. The good thing is the first color will be perfect for the office in the basement and the bathroom.

Tomorrow Biking at Bromont and second coat...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Good progress

In the last 2 days things have been moving pretty good. First was taking off the old carpet. It was an easy job.

The came time so sand and take off all the glue and the imperfection in the floor. I tought sanding drywall was hell . We found concrete dust all the way up to the second floor of the house. But my buddy did an amazing job ! The dust is crazy, I think the pictures talk for themselves. We aslo fixed the drains in the concret there were stiking out by 1/2 inch so now the floor is all nice and smooth ready for the new carpet.

This afternoon we picked up our new Legato www.millikencarpets.com self installation kit. Hopefully the install will good smooth. The color is very nice. We bought it a The Home Depot and I must say I have been very disapointed in the serivce I'm getting there lately. It's always next to impossible to find and "associate" and when you find one they make you wait or make you buy the wrong things. I'm about to pull the plug on Home depot and go else where.

That being said our Cats are already in love with the carpet. We also picked up the paint from www.betonel.com it's so nice to have a teacher 40% rebate.

I also picked up a pair of speaker wall mounting hardare from Paradigm (Premier) and a 5 foot monster cable for the front channel.

Look at this nice floor.. it actually looks like concrete. I also finished the front staged, filled it with Quietzone and passed some of the wires in there. Things are definitaly starting to take shape.

Then came time for prep work to paint the primer on the wall and on my ceiling (I just love that ceiling) My lovely girlfriend gave me a hand today so things went pretty fast at 2. The room looks so bright with the white. Hopefully things will continue to good as smooth in the next few days and I will be able to watch some movies in less than 2 weeks.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The War vs Stucco (Épisode 2)

Today I almost destroyed the ceiling, I wasn't too happy. Tonight I took the time to look at it rested and did some plaster with a wet sponge in placed that didn't stick well and I think I'm going to pull it out. It won't be perfect but I figured that it's going to be a fairely dark room anyways being a home teather.

It has been a war vs stucco, I was ready to call contractors to get estimates on how much it would cost. Before I do that I'll finish this war and hopefully end up with a decent ceiling and a few hundreds in my pockets

Took a little break from the basement to work in the garage a little. I build the bike rack. Came out pretty good and it clears up a lot of space in the garage. I still have 8 feet clearance from the ground with the bike hanging. I very happy with the resust... just strange things the solives are spread out very oddly in this house 15- 16 and some times 17 inches apart.

I also received some gear today. I've been pretty active on ebay in the past week buying all the wirering that I am missing. Since I'm not going the Plasma or Projector way right away I will be using my old (brand new) Sony trinitron 32 inch Tv. I bought the thing 6 years ago, used 1 year and moved in a really tiny appartement so I left if at my parents under a blanket. it's been 4 years now.

UPS guy delivered Logitech Z-4 speakers today. 30$ instead of 130 + tx a best buy. You gotta love ebay. They sound pretty good for that price. Great to use with the ipod.

I also got today my Monster S-video cable and I'm expecting in the week or so 2 x monster video 3 component set, 3 monster bass 400 wire, Monster y adapters.

Tomorrow back to the hopefully finish the fight with Mr Stucco and sanding the concrete.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today's lesson : Don't mess with Stucco

There was a small part of my stucco ceilling peeling off... maybe 1 1/2 inch long .. so I've decided to scrape it and repair it.

This is how it looks now

I was pretty pissed today but I guess it has to be done and done properly and now it's the right time since there is no carpet or any furniture. Hopefully I took enough out so it doesn't keep on peeling off..

I should have left the little one inch crack ... but like they say.. live and learn ! Hopefully tomorrow things will go smooth and I can go back on track.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sanding drywall isn't fun

I've been spending the last few days finishing up the drywall again, thanks to Pierre for his help! Now it sanding time. What a pain in the ass. Now that sanding is done and the whole basement is cover in dust... I will roll up the old carpet and throw it away.

My stucco ceiling is peiling up a little at one spot.. so in the attemp in fixing it I probably made it worse... more to come on this. I really don't want to take it all off. Not really happy about this one.