Monday, August 28, 2006

A/V rack and front stage

Today after wook did a few hours of work. The A/V rack is coming along very nicely. Only a few shelves to do and then more staining and varnishing. This thing is going to be a Monster.

I had a nice suprise on the way back, I received my coax digital cable from blue jeans cable. Super fast service super fast shipping and amazing prices.

Had to change plans on the stage a little, the veener isn't really sticking well to the side of the stage and it's not looking so good. To say the truth it looks like crap and I'm not about to let something like this ruined a nice teather. So I will use instead the same boards I used for the walls it fits right in this gap and will look much nicer.

The front stage is near completed, it will take at least 5 coats of varnish, I want to make it as strong as possible. Hopefully I don't fall asleep and I can manage another coat tonight, one tomorrow morining and one after work. Then I will see.

Sept 15th still stands as the official opening of the teather.


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