Thursday, August 17, 2006

Did you say Puzzle

I'm done with all the moldings.. I didn't move as fast as I wanted to but looks like I'm a slow worker anyways. I do things well but I don't work super fast.

Today I made sure every single pieces of wood were labeled before sanding tomorrow. Good thing for that master plan. Lots of it. After sanding I will try to do some staining depending on the weather. I try to do as much as possible outside the house to prevent dust.

Next in line today was installing the door. Nothing too complicated but 4 hands would have worked much better. Had to cut to door a little more than suggested by the manufacturer to make it fit. That low ceiling in the other room doesn't help. But it came out very good and straight. I must have measured it 25 times before cutting it. It's not a 3.50$ piece of wood.

I just finish staining it (1st coat) and it's looking pretty good.

Last coat of stain on the Beam... next is varnish for them.

So another dusty day tomorrow with sanding and then the long process begins of staining.. more waiting to dry than anything.


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