Saturday, August 12, 2006

Good progress

In the last 2 days things have been moving pretty good. First was taking off the old carpet. It was an easy job.

The came time so sand and take off all the glue and the imperfection in the floor. I tought sanding drywall was hell . We found concrete dust all the way up to the second floor of the house. But my buddy did an amazing job ! The dust is crazy, I think the pictures talk for themselves. We aslo fixed the drains in the concret there were stiking out by 1/2 inch so now the floor is all nice and smooth ready for the new carpet.

This afternoon we picked up our new Legato self installation kit. Hopefully the install will good smooth. The color is very nice. We bought it a The Home Depot and I must say I have been very disapointed in the serivce I'm getting there lately. It's always next to impossible to find and "associate" and when you find one they make you wait or make you buy the wrong things. I'm about to pull the plug on Home depot and go else where.

That being said our Cats are already in love with the carpet. We also picked up the paint from it's so nice to have a teacher 40% rebate.

I also picked up a pair of speaker wall mounting hardare from Paradigm (Premier) and a 5 foot monster cable for the front channel.

Look at this nice floor.. it actually looks like concrete. I also finished the front staged, filled it with Quietzone and passed some of the wires in there. Things are definitaly starting to take shape.

Then came time for prep work to paint the primer on the wall and on my ceiling (I just love that ceiling) My lovely girlfriend gave me a hand today so things went pretty fast at 2. The room looks so bright with the white. Hopefully things will continue to good as smooth in the next few days and I will be able to watch some movies in less than 2 weeks.


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