Thursday, August 10, 2006

The War vs Stucco (Épisode 2)

Today I almost destroyed the ceiling, I wasn't too happy. Tonight I took the time to look at it rested and did some plaster with a wet sponge in placed that didn't stick well and I think I'm going to pull it out. It won't be perfect but I figured that it's going to be a fairely dark room anyways being a home teather.

It has been a war vs stucco, I was ready to call contractors to get estimates on how much it would cost. Before I do that I'll finish this war and hopefully end up with a decent ceiling and a few hundreds in my pockets

Took a little break from the basement to work in the garage a little. I build the bike rack. Came out pretty good and it clears up a lot of space in the garage. I still have 8 feet clearance from the ground with the bike hanging. I very happy with the resust... just strange things the solives are spread out very oddly in this house 15- 16 and some times 17 inches apart.

I also received some gear today. I've been pretty active on ebay in the past week buying all the wirering that I am missing. Since I'm not going the Plasma or Projector way right away I will be using my old (brand new) Sony trinitron 32 inch Tv. I bought the thing 6 years ago, used 1 year and moved in a really tiny appartement so I left if at my parents under a blanket. it's been 4 years now.

UPS guy delivered Logitech Z-4 speakers today. 30$ instead of 130 + tx a best buy. You gotta love ebay. They sound pretty good for that price. Great to use with the ipod.

I also got today my Monster S-video cable and I'm expecting in the week or so 2 x monster video 3 component set, 3 monster bass 400 wire, Monster y adapters.

Tomorrow back to the hopefully finish the fight with Mr Stucco and sanding the concrete.


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